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    MC3090 Mobile Computer Windows CE 5.0

    MC3090 Mobile Computer Windows CE 5.0

    Achieve higher productivity in scan-intensive environments

    Symbols MC3090 mobile computer is small, lightweight and rugged for applications requiring high-quality data capture and high-performance real-time computing. By delivering superior data capture and exchange, the MC3090 helps speed response throughout your supply chain, from field sales to the shop floor. Because you are able customize the MC3090 to the specific demands of individual jobs, your employees are able to complete their work faster and with better results. Your employees will utilize the MC3090 for bar code scanning and wireless mobile computing inside retail stores or in warehouses, on loading docks, on postal routes and in any location demanding application performance and ruggedness.

    MC3090 - Product Brochure

    Charging (cont)
    50-16000-182R - US AC Line Cord for Single Slot Cradle
    50-16002-029 - DC Line Cord for Four Slot Cradles
    SACX000-4000CR - Four slot battery charger for spare standard and high capacity batteries reqs P/S and Line Cord
    25-63852-01 - MC3000 RS232 Cable for CRD9000
    25-68596-01R - MC3000 USB Communications Cable
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